ECON9311 – Macroeconomic Topics

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This is a topics course in modern macroeconomics, with an emphasis on monetary economics. The course studies three central topics,

1. Price and Inflation Determination,

2. Forward Guidance and Fiscal Multipliers,

3. Estimation of New Keynesian Heterogeneous Agent Models.


Learning outcome

The inequality part of the course studies major developments in the economics of inequality, including the main drivers of inequality, the effects of inequality on consumption, wealth, and labor supply. We will also examine risk sharing and the extent to which households can protect themselves against risk. The role of public policy will be a central theme.The firm heterogeneity part of the course studies firm growth and its interaction with financial frictions, innovation, and economic development. The macro/labor part of the course studies unemployment, building on the search-matching framework of Diamond/Mortensen/Pissarides. The class covers macro- and microeconomic questions of the labor market combining theoretical and empirical methods. This includes seminal topic such as why unemployment fluctuates so much over the business cycle, why seemingly identical workers receive different wages, and whether the market allocates the right workers to the right jobs. The monetary economics part (Spring 2018) studies New Keynesian Heterogeneous Agent Models.


This course is offered to PhD candidates at the Department of Economics.  Other candidates admitted to a PhD program may apply to take the course, but must be registered at the University of Oslo. 


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Spring 2018: lectures.


Spring 2016:  Candidates writes a referee report on a paper, and present it.  Evaluation is based on the written report and the presentation.

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Spring 2018

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