ECON9915A – Topics in Development and Political Economics

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The course gives an overview of parts of the research frontier in development economics and political economics. It is an advanced doctoral course where students are presented with the current state of knowledge as well as where current research is going on and where the knowledge basis is weak. This subsequently permits the students to carry on their own research with a firm knowledge of the current knowledge base in the field.

The course content varies from year to year depending on the teacher and his/her research background. Topics include micro development economics, both empirical and theoretical, macro development economics and the effect of economic institutions, as well as both theoretical and empirical political economics.

Learning outcome

Knowledge outcomes

  • The course develops knowledge of both empirical end theoretical methods in development and political economics
  • The successful student will be able to understand when to apply different approaches
  • Mastering the course's content will allow students to the literature in development and political economics and contribute to the research frontier themselves


  • Read, interpret and criticize recent research in development and political economics


You should be able to

  • Read, understand, and critically evaluate recent research in development and political economics

  • make use of the course content in your own academic work


This course is offered to PhD candidates at the Oslo PhD Initiative in Economics at UiO and BI.  Other candidates admitted to a PhD program may apply to take the course. 


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Master's degree in Ecoomics, or equivalent

Recommended previous knowledge

ECON4640 - Political Economics, ECON4915 - Development Economics, or ECON4921 - Institutions and Economic Systems


Physical classroom instruction is planned for this course.

However, if, due to the infection situation, we cannot have physical teaching, the course will be given either as a hybrid or fully digital on zoom.
If the course ends up going digital on zoom, the format will have to be changed somewhat. Then there will be some assignments / presentations by the students in addition to frontal lectures.


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The examination text is given in English, and you submit your response in English.

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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Facts about this course

Spring 2021

Week 14 (6-9 April)

Postponed to: Week 17 (26-30 April)

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