Syllabus/achievement requirements Autumn 2017

Syllabus is comprised of books and online articles.

Required books are purchased at Akademika bookstore or ordered from online booksellers, such as Required books are also available at the University Library (provided the item is held).

Many of the online articles require that you use a computer within the university network. If outside the university network, open your web browser and go to UiO Network services


Mintz Sidney W., 1996, Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom: Excursions into Eating, Culture, and the Past. Boston: Beacon Press

Sutton David E. 2014, Secrets from the Greek Kitchen: Cooking, Skill, and the Everyday Life on an Aegean Island. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Online articles

Appadurai, Arjun 1988, "How to Make a National Cuisine: Cookbooks in Contemporary India," Comparative Studies in Society and History 30,

Bestor, Theodore C. 2001, “Supply-Side Sushi: Commodity, Market, and the Global City,” American Anthropologist. Vol 103, Issue 1,

Counihan, Carole M. 1984 “Bread as World: Food Habits and Social Relations in Modernizing Sardinia” Anthropological Quarterly, Vol. 57, No. 2, 47-59.

Douglas, Mary 1972 “Deciphering a Meal” Daedalus, Vol. 101, No. 1, 61-81.

Heath, Deborah & Anne Meneley 2007, “Techne, Technoscience, and the Circulation of Comestible Commodities: An Introduction” American Anthropologist. Vol. 109, Issue 4. 593-602.

Hirsch, D. 2011, ““Hummus is best when it is fresh and made by Arabs”: The gourmetization of hummus in Israel and the return of the repressed Arab” American Ethnologist Vol 38, issue 4, 617-630.

Holtzman, Jon 2015, “Remembering Bad Cooks: Sensuality, Memory and Personhood” The Senses and Society Vol 5, issue 2, 235-243.

Karrebæk, Martha S. 2012, ““What's in Your Lunch Box Today?”: Health, Respectability, and Ethnicity in the Primary Classroom” Linguistic Anthropology. Vol 22, Issue 1, 1 – 22.

Lien, Marianne E. 2007, Feeding fish efficiently. Mobilising knowledge in Tasmanian salmon farming. Social Anthropology, Vol 15, Issue 2, 169-185.

Meneley Anne, 2007, “Like an Extra Virgin” American Anthropologist, Vol. 109. Issue4, 678-687.

Naguib, Nefissa 2006, “The Fragile Tale of Egyptian Jewish Cuisine: Food Memoirs of Claudia Roden and Colette Rossant” Food and Foodways. Vol 14, Issue 1. 35 – 53.

Naguib, Nefissa 2016, “Humanitarian Pluralism: The Arctic Passage in an Age of Refugees” International Journal of Middle East Studies. Vol. 48, Issue 2, 337-381.

Paxson, Heather 2010, “Locating Value in Artisan Cheese: Reverse Engineering Terroir for New-World Landscapes” America Anthropologist, Vol. 112, Issue 3, 444-457.

Pérez Ramona L. 2014, “Las fronteras del sabor: Taste as Consciousness, Kinship, and Space in the Mexico–U.S. Borderlands” The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. Vol 19, Issue 2, 310-330.

Rouse, C. & Janet Hoskins 2004, “Purity, Soul Food, and Sunni Islam: Explorations at the Intersection of Consumption and Resistance” Cultural Anthropology, Vol 12, Issue 2. 226-249. 

Solomon, Harris 2015, “The Taste no Chef can Give” Processing Street Food in Mumbai. Cultural Anthropology Vol. 30 Issue 1. 65-90.

Terrio Susan J. 1996, “Crafting Grand Cru Chocolates in Contemporary France” American Anthropologist, vol. 96, issue 1. 67-97.

Wilk, Richard R. 1999, “Real Belizean Food”: Building Local Identity in the Transnational Caribbean” American Anthropologist vol. 101, 2. 244-255. 

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