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MAESST1 – Society, science and technology

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The course is inter-disciplinary and draws on recent research results from a number of disciplines, such as sociology, history, economics and philosophy as well as from the field of "STS" (science, technology and society).

Learning outcome

The objective is to gain insight on issues within society science and technology and become trained to discuss and analyse such issues. Programme students must pass this course to be allowed further study in the programme.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students must have qualified for, and have been accepted to, the M.A. ESST programme.


The course is divided into four modules including 15 lectures and seminars taught chronologically lasting a total of 18 weeks. Note that the University of Oslo has adjusted the standard ESST five module structure into four modules, and operates with a slightly different denominations. Module 1: Introduction/The emergence of a knowledge society, Module 2: Science, technology and culture, Module 3: Knowledge in and between organization,. Module 4: Knowledge and innovation.

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