Administrative staff at ISS

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Brachel, Kathrine Kjellmann Higher Executive Officer +47-22856386 Classroom management, Admission, Norwegian for Academics (NORA), Student inquiries, Examinations
Picture of Darrin Joseph Corbin Corbin, Darrin Joseph Senior Executive Officer +47-22857083 classroom management, Felles studentsystem (FS) / Joint student database, Admission, Examinations, Norwegian for Academics (NORA)
Picture of Sissel Drevsjø Drevsjø, Sissel Head of Office +47-22856280 +47-93029992 Administrative management; Finance, Reporting, HR, Recruiting, IT
Picture of Inger Egebakken Egebakken, Inger Administrative Manager +47-22856389 Norwegian for International Researchers, Norwegian for Academics (NORA)
Picture of Michelle Fredrickson Fredrickson, Michelle Senior Administrative Assistant (+1) 507 786 3269 applications and admission, US Branch Office student inquiries
Picture of Torild Homstad Homstad, Torild Administrator (+1) 507 786 3269 Recruitment, Admission, Head of US Branch Office
Johnsen, Emma Kristine Laier Secretary
Picture of Nita Kapoor Kapoor, Nita Director +47-22857082 Scholarships, Administrative partners, Academics & Admission, Public Relations, Overall responsibility for the ISS, Faculty
Picture of Turi Lindalen Lindalen, Turi Higher Executive Officer +47-22856388 information materials, Web editor, student inquiries, admission, administrative support to staff and faculty
Picture of Harald Balstad Magnussen Magnussen, Harald Balstad Higher Executive Officer +47-22856088 billing, accounting, salaries
Picture of Karoline Niklasson Niklasson, Karoline Higher Executive Officer 22856385 56385
Puin Penagos, Wilber Andres Higher Executive Officer +47-22856850 Billing, Accounting, Salaries, Procurement
Picture of Jeanne Sanderson Sanderson, Jeanne Higher Executive Officer +47-22854028 Management of Test Services