Collaborate on degree programmes

International joint, double or multiple degree programmes on master or PhD level are study programmes offered in collaboration with universities in different countries.

UiO offers a range of such programmes and will continue to develop more with our international partners.

Why and how?

Joint, double and multiple degree programmes are a result of close academic collaboration between the partners, and draw on the research and educational strengths each. Students and Phd candidates usually move between partner universities to complete different parts of the programme. This gives them an insight into different approaches to study and research and exposure to a greater variety of perspectives, tools and teaching and learning styles.

As such programmes can be complicated to set up, international joint, double and multiple degrees usually spring from already established cooperation in education and/or research between academic staff at UiO and the partner university. UiO has developed a set of guiding principles for setting up joint degrees, emphasising quality, added value, sustainability and joint involvement of the department, faculty and institutional level.

Cooperation in research training (PhD)

UiO takes an active part in the development of doctoral training in Europe, and our research training is organised in accordance with the Salzburg Recommendations and the EU Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training.

Research training at UiO is organised into PhD programmes at the faculties. Admission to a programme is usually combined with employment as a doctoral research fellow.  

Building international networks during the doctoral education is an important step towards a future career as a researcher. Joint supervision agreements and regular exchange agreements may facilitate PhD mobility. Joint or double PhD degree agreements must follow our guidelines for such cooperation.

All visiting PhD candidates to UiO are considered guest researchers, whether they arrive through a personal invitation or through a formal agreement. To ensure that their experience is as good as possible, visiting PhD candidates should visit our support site for international researchers.


Cooperation agreements on the doctoral level must be initiated by academic staff, and is usually founded on existing research collaboration. If you are interested in exploring these possibilities, contact a relevant partner at one of our departments and faculties.

Published June 9, 2016 10:49 AM - Last modified July 8, 2020 11:25 AM