Research collaboration

At the UiO research collaboration with international partners is initiated at the department or research group level and is based on mutual interest between the specific partners and UiO researchers. Potential partners need to identify and get in contact with relevant researchers or research groups at the UiO directly in order to discuss possible collaboration.

Searching for UiO researchers

You may find contact information for individual UiO researchers by searching for name or research topic keywords

Funding for collaboration

Collaboration projects are normally financed through a common application to a relevant funding programme. More about funding for collaboration.

Contact information for departments

Contact information for each individual department is available on the department web pages. Please see "About the department" for contact information.

When contacting the departments or researchers, potential international partners are advised to provide as much detail as possible concerning the specific project or type of collaboration they have in mind, the complementary competencies that they seek at the UiO for their projects, as well as other information that will make it possible for the department to determine the potential for further talks concerning collaboration.

Please note that the UiO does not have a central office that coordinates research collaboration requests. Our contact point for research collaboration will assist with further information if needed.

Published June 22, 2020 3:09 PM - Last modified June 24, 2020 9:37 AM