Staff mobility

Erasmus + staff mobility

If your university already has an Erasmus+ agreement with UiO, you may be particularly interested in exploring the possibilities for Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching and training.

Short term stays for researchers

Short term stays for individual researchers are organised at the department level. In most cases, visits and short term stays take place in the context of exisiting research projects. For other invidividual short term stays the visiting researcher needs to secure an invitation from a specific host department. The stay should be planned well ahead to ensure its success and mutual benefit.

Funding for short term stays may be available from Norwegian, European and International funding agencies. Please see Funding for collaboration for an overview of the most common funding programmes. Several priority countries outside Europe also offer funding for short term stays through their national funding agencies.

Please note that Norwegian funding programmes normally require the host department to apply on behalf of the visiting researcher. 

Specific funding for short term research stays






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