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Procedure for fire prevention training


The procedure shall ensure that employees have sufficient know-how and skills in preventing and fighting fires. Students shall receive sufficient information about how to avoid fire and act in the event of fire.


This procedure applies to all units at UiO.


Managers are responsible for the completion and documentation of fire prevention training.

The Department of Academic Administration is responsible for informing students once a year.


  • The manager shall ensure that new employees have their fire prevention training documented as soon as possible and no later than 14 days. The checklist for fire prevention training (word) shall be used.
  • Employees who perform work that may require the use of fire extinguishing equipment must take a fire extinguishing course.
  • The Department of Academic Administration sends out e-mails with a briefing on fire safety and to all UiO students at the start of the autumn semester.
  • Floor Contacts shall participate in fire prevention courses for Floor Contacts within 3 months of appointment as well as view the instructions video for Floor Contacts.
  • The Estate Director is responsible for ensuring that:
    • The Chief Fire Officer (Area Manager in the EA) knows the requirements for fire safety and systematic safety work applicable to its buildings.
    • Persons affiliated with the EA with specific tasks during fires/fire alarms possess knowledge and skills in reading fire alarm centre transmissions with subsequent localisation, assessment and action.


Registration follows the procedure for HSE training


Filing HSE documents


Rules and other framework criteria

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