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Safety representative and deputy safety representative election procedure


This procedure will ensure that:

  • Safety representatives and deputies are selected for all safety zones,
  • elections are conducted in a proper and orderly fashion,
  • staff and managers are provided with details of the safety representatives and deputies elected.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University.


Working Environment Committee

The Working Environment Committee is responsible for determining safety zones within its scope.

It is responsible for appointing an election committee for the election of safety representatives and deputies. The committee must comprise 1 to 3 people.

Election committee

The election committee is responsible for

  • identifying candidates for the office of safety representative,
  • publicising the names of candidates and their proposers
  • conducting the election procedure,
  • reporting to management on who has been elected for the various safety zones and when the appointment commences if not on 1 January.


If the election committee fails to identify candidates, the trade unions shall do so.


If staff or unions fail to elect or identify candidates, the management is responsible for doing so.
The management shall announce who has been elected or appointed for the various safety zones and when the appointment begins.

The management shall notify the HSE Unit and head safety representative of who has been appointed as safety representative or deputy.



  • The Working Environment Committee decides whether the safety zones are too large for a single safety representative, and makes any adjustments necessary. Safety zones should be clearly defined and aligned with the organisational units.
  • The election committee must make a schedule adapted to the organisational unit. Elections must be completed by 1 November.

Participants in election of safety representatives and deputy safety representatives

  • All employees who do not have managerial functions or act on behalf of management can be elected as safety representative or deputy safety representative. The people selected should be well acquainted with the work in the unit. The appointment is for two years.
  • All staff, except senior management, are eligible to vote.

Electing safety representatives and deputy safety representatives

  • The names of candidates and their proposers should be presented to voters before voting.
  • Voting will be by a written secret ballot. It can be held as a ballot or using an electronic solution that satisfies the requirement of a secret ballot.
  • If there is only one proposed candidate, he/she will automatically be elected without having to conduct elections.


Elections must be documented via written notice to the management of who was elected, or appointed, as safety representative or deputy safety representatives in each safety zone. When the appointment commences (if not 1 January) must also be stated. An employee cannot work as safety representative before the management has received written notification of who has been elected or appointed.


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