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Working with radiation sources procedure


To ensure that radiation sources are used responsibly with regard to radiation protection, and in accordance with the rules.

Range of application

All units at the University that use radiation sources.


Unit managers are responsible for ensuring that this procedure is followed.

The central radiation protection coordinator for the University at the HSE Unit, is responsible for all contact with the authorities in relation to changes in the approval and notification of radiation sources.


Appointing a local radiation protection coordinator

If a local radiation protection coordinator has not already been appointed, whose role is to monitor radiation work in relation to the current project, the unit management should do so. See procedure for appointing a local radiation protection coordinator.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment must be performed for all work with radiation sources according to the risk assessment procedure with the checklist for radiation protection (Norwegian, Word).

Based on the risk assessment, necessary measures and local procedures should be established.

Contact the central radiation protection coordinator for the University at the HSE Unit when changes to the approvals for the University are needed, or when needed for internal quotas for emissions.


Annual report

Annual reports must be submitted each year to the HSE team by 15 February. The HSE team will send out forms for this by 15 January.

Purchase of radiation sources

When purchasing large sealed radioactive sources or radiation generating devices such as lasers (class 3b and 4), X-ray machines, accelerators or powerful magnetic fields, the central radiation protection coordinator for the University in at the HSE Unit must be contacted in advance, as such sources may be subject to a notification obligation.

Accidents and adverse events

Accidents and adverse events must be reported according to the Radiation Protection Regulations. Reports shall be submitted to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) as soon as possible and no later than within three days. The Central Radiation Coordinator within the HSE team will assist in reporting events that are subject to a notification obligation.


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