Circle U. Café Oslo: Students as entrepreneurs and innovators

How are universities enabling student participation in innovation? What impact may increased student participation have for students, universities, and society? How should universities support student innovation? 

Students as entrepreneurs and innovators

Empirical studies of innovation in universities show that students and alumni are more likely to start new businesses compared to university faculty. Yet, innovation efforts in universities focus mainly on academic staff, not students. Enabling interest and involvement in innovation and entrepreneurship among students is likely to have broad social and economic impacts. Are universities missing out on the most important role universities have in promoting innovation and societal change? 

In this café, we look at how universities enable student participation in innovation and the impacts it may have for students, universities and society. Partners in the Circle U University Alliance will share their experiences and discuss how to establish good practices.

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At this Circle U. Café you will meet Amélie Jacquemin, Taran Thune, Torleif Tollefsrud Gjølberg, Adriana Maria Hansen, Jessica Horwill and Øistein Sonstad.

Why is it important to support student innovation?

What can universities do to stimulate and support student innovators?  

Reflections from the leadership at the University of Oslo

How should the University of Oslo support student innovation? What do we need to know? What do we need to do? Vice-Rector Bjørn Stensaker, UiO

Closing remarks and farewell.

What is Circle U. and Circle U. Café?

Circle U. is our European University Alliance, and your chance to cooperate with colleagues all over Europe. At Circle U. Café we discuss topics relevant for European higher education and research.

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