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Excellent centres at UiO

The centre scheme is a tool for raising the quality of Norwegian research, higher education and innovation. UiO has nine Centres of Excellence (SFF), six Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) and two Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU).

Centres of Excellence

There are nine Centres of Excellence (SFF) at the University of Oslo (UiO). Our research groups have been given the SFF-title for a period of ten years, in tough competition with other Norwegian research groups. The centres represent all subject areas at UiO - health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

Centres for Research-based Innovation

The Norwegian Reseach Council's Centres for Research Based Innovation (SFI) initiative aims to build and strengthen Norwegian research groups that work in close collaboration with partners from innovative industry and innovative public enterprises.

Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU)

The Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU) is a prestigious national initiative for higher education. SFU status is awarded to academic communities that have already demonstrated excellent quality and innovative practices in education and that have plans in place for further development and innovation. One of the important requirements the centres have to meet is that they must disseminate their results and knowledge.

Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE)

NCoE is NordForsk's most important form of financing, which will promote Nordic cooperation between prominent researchers and research environments. QUINT researches the quality of teaching in the Nordic elementary school.