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Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU)


The Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU) is a prestigious national initiative for higher education. SFU status is awarded to academic communities that have already demonstrated excellent quality and innovative practices in education and that have plans in place for further development and innovation. One of the important requirements the centres have to meet is that they must disseminate their results and knowledge.


The goal of The Center for Computing in Science Education (CCSE) is to integrate computing as a natural tool in basic educations, to make the education research near and to prepare students for an interdisciplinary workplace.


Centre for Professional learning in Teacher education (ProTed) is developing integrated teacher education. A comprehensive study design that unites science subjects, professional subjects, teaching subjects, theory and practice.


SHE´s vision is to educate change agents in health care, so that UN´s Sustainable Development Goals become a matter of course - in the face of for example pandemics, antibiotic resistance or the aging population.