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Privacy declarations

Personal information is all kinds of data, information, and assesments which can be linked to your person. This page describes what kind of personal information is processed by UiO, how it is processed, who is responsible for the processing, what rights you have and who you can contact about them.

Privacy declaration for students

Your personal rights as an applicant, a student, a former student or a ph.d candidate and how UiO uses your personal information.

Privacy declaration for employees

Your personal rights as an employee and how UiO uses your personal information.


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Privacy routines at UiO

Here you can read more about what routines UiO has for the processing of personal data, whether you are a researcher, student or employee at UiO.

Privacy policy at UiO

The University of Oslo (UiO) shall be a responsible institution that follows the privacy regulations and understands privacy and the principles it is built upon. 

UiO shall:

  • be a trusted, open and transparent organization
  • respect the individual rights, either the student's, the employee's or the participants in our research projects
  • be regarded as a safe institution, where the processing of personal information is legal and predictable for the registered party
  • protect the data subject's privacy and right to decide

The University of Oslo is to be governed so that privacy and security are a natural part of the regular working day of our employees and students. That way, privacy will be an established and well-known VALUE in our institution and with that strengthen us in our goal of being a leading European university.


If you have questions regarding privacy regulations or other subjects pertaining to privacy, please e-mail