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Regulations concerning studies

This is a selection of the regulations concerning studies at the University of Oslo. The English translations are for information purposes only. For all legal purposes, the original documents in Norwegian are the authoritative versions.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance system will contribute to the realization of the goals of the educational activities and the learning environment.

Administrative procedures and appeals

Administrative procedures at the university are regulated by the public administration act. In this act, you will find rules on the preparation of cases, on individual decisions and on appeals.

Insurance for students

UiO first and foremost tries to prevent injuries. However, the following provides an overview of your insurance cover as a student at UiO should you be unlucky enough to be injured while you are studying here.

Fraudulent documents

When applying for admission or recognition, violation of the regulations concerning submission of documents may lead to charges of fraud.

Service declaration

The service declaration shows you as a student what UiO is obligated to do in order to provide a beneficial environment for studies, as well as what UiO expects from you in your role as a student.

Declaration on data protection

Information on how the University of Oslo handles your personal data when you have applied for admission and while you are a student with us.