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Guidelines for North-South cooperation

The University of Oslo’s guidelines for North-South cooperation apply to academic competence and capacity development in low- and middle income countries. The guidelines are to ensure that the cooperation is in line with the University’s basic values and Strategy, and that any priorities made are mutually and academically beneficial to all parties involved.

1. Quality

UiO’s North-South cooperation shall be of high academic quality, i.e. innovative, thorough academic quality relevant to society's need for knowledge and competence.

2. Mutuality

UiO’s North-South cooperation shall be marked by mutual academic interests and involvement. This requires close dialogue between the parties involved. UiO values existing competence in the South and the North and seeks to expand and increase this competence through academic collaboration.

3. Geographic and academic priorities

UiO will give priority to North-South cooperation in accordance with its Strategy and UiO's academic and interdisciplinary priorities.

a. Faculties, museums and centres are to make geographic priorities based on:
i. The unit and partner’s competence, academic priorities and potential academic benefits.
ii. Available long-term external funding and the unit’s will to follow up and make use of internal resources.
iii. Connection with other international cooperation activities, including the possibility of South-South cooperation.

b. Strategic priorities and partnerships at institutional level should be based on thorough evaluation and academic relevance to UiO, and they should comprise both research and education.

4. Benefit to society

UiO gives priority to long-term, integrated research and educational cooperation, which, in combination with focus on dissemination and innovation may contribute to the development of knowledge and society in the South and the North.

5. Gender balance

UiO will seek to achieve gender balance and consider gender issues in the North-South cooperation.

6. Ethical guidelines

All international cooperation undertaken by UiO shall comply with UiO’s ethical guidelines

(Approved by the Rector on 7 January 2013)

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