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Insurance for students

UiO first and foremost tries to prevent injuries. However, the following provides an overview of your insurance cover as a student at UiO should you be unlucky enough to be injured while you are studying here.

UiO does not have a special insurance scheme for students because state educational institutions are not permitted to take out insurance on behalf of their students. The state is a so-called 'self-insurer'.

If students want the same insurance cover as the university's employees, they have to take out their own travel and personal risk insurance. In some cases students may still be covered by their parents' insurance.

Insurance pursuant to the National Insurance Act

Students at UiO are usually automatically covered by occupational injury cover pursuant to the National Insurance Act, cf. section 13-10. This means students have the same rights as employees with regard to occupational injury cover, as long as the act's requirements are satisfied.

An occupational injury is defined as a personal injury, illness or death caused by a work accident, cf. the National Insurance Act, section 13-3. The injury must have been caused by a sudden, unexpected and unforeseen event.

In order for an injury to be covered, it must have occurred when the student was:

  • in a teaching situation,
  • on the institution's premises,
  • during teaching hours.

The 'institution's premises' means the location where the tuition is actually provided. Working in a study hall is considered equivalent to receiving tuition.

The cover pursuant to the National Insurance Act is also valid for excursions, field work, etc. off the university's premises, assuming the activities are taking place under the auspices of the university. This insurance also covers injuries suffered due to an accident that occurs when students are travelling between the institution's premises and a place where they are going to do work experience as part of fulfilling their work experience requirements.

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) will decide whether or not an injury is covered by the National Insurance Act. Students must apply for benefits from NAV themselves. Click this link to read more about occupational injury cover and the application process (

If you have lived abroad for an extended period, you will cease to be a member of the National Insurance scheme. Click this link to read more about membership of the National Insurance Scheme.

Students on work experience

The Occupational Injury Insurance Act does not automatically apply to students. However, if a student is on work experience, benefits may in certain circumstances be payable pursuant to the Occupational Injury Insurance Act in addition to the benefits pursuant to the National Insurance Act.

When students are on work experience they can be considered employees pursuant to section 2 of the Occupational Injury Insurance Act if the person "performs work or carries out any task in the service of the employer". Three conditions must be met:

  • the student must have been performing work,
  • for an employer,
  • during working hours.

The student on work experience does need to have been performing work of the same quality as a full-time employee at the same place of work. If the conditions are met, students may receive greater insurance benefits than they would have received pursuant to the National Insurance Act alone.

Student studying or on field work abroad

Students studying or travelling on field work abroad must have travel insurance. Therefore, students should check whether or not they have insurance that will cover any injury, loss or damage, and repatriation in the event of illness while they are abroad.

It is the students' responsibility to ensure they have travel insurance before they depart. UiO does not recommend particular types of insurance, but would like to point out that The Assosiacion of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) has special offers for students who are going to study abroad.

Click this link to read more about insurance for students travelling abroad.

Insurance for foreign students

Foreign students are not automatically entitled to benefits from the National Insurance Scheme since they must have been in Norway for a certain amount of time before they become a member of the National Insurance Scheme. Foreign students must contact their local NAV office for more information.

Click this link to read more about rules for foreign students in Norway.

Benefits pursuant to general legal compensation principles

UiO may be liable for injury that occurs due to negligence on the part of the university's employees and injury that occurs due to defective buildings or technical equipment. In such cases UiO's liability for the injury is based on ordinary compensation law.

If students believe they have a financial claim against UiO, it must be submitted so UiO can reach a decision about the claim.

UiO first and foremost seeks to prevent injuries by reviewing relevant safety routines with students and maintaining its buildings in a proper condition. For example, all students who are going to work in laboratories must read the HSE handbook and sign a declaration to confirm that they have done so.

Example of expenses not covered by UiO

In the event of a need to travel by taxi for teaching or examinations due to injury, these expenses will ordinarily fall outside of what is covered by UiO in connection with individual adaptation, unless the injury has occurred due to faults in UiO's buildings, technical equipment or the like, for which UiO is responsible. Accident insurance will in many cases cover such expenses, and such insurance is offered by most insurance companies.

If you are injured

Contact the faculty or department where the injury occurred as soon as possible to ensure that the injury is recorded.

You can also contact Student Counselling if you need help.


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