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Administrative procedures and appeals

Administrative procedures at the university are regulated by the public administration act. In this act, you will find rules on the preparation of cases, on individual decisions and on appeals.

Individual decisions

An individual decision is a decision that applies to one or more specific individuals. Such a decision is made when, for example, applying for admission to the university, applying for recognition of prior education, or applying for leaves of absence. Usually, rejecting an application is also regarded as an individual decision.

The public administration act contains rules about how individual decisions should be designed and justified and how the decision should be communicated to the person who has submitted the application.


You have the opportunity to make an appeal about individual decisions made by UiO. The deadline for appeals is three weeks, and the appeal should be addressed to the unit that has made the decision (eg. the department or the faculty). The appeal should state which decision you are appealing, the change you would like, and the reasons for your appeal.

The public administration act distinguishes between the authority responsible for the decision and the authority responsible for processing the appeal. At UiO, individual decisions are made by the department, by the faculty or by the central administration. All appeals about individual decisions are dealt with by the university's central appeals committee.

When receiving an appeal, the unit that has made the decision shall first review the case again. If the original decision is changed, the appeal usually stops there. If the original decision is not changed, the case is sent to the university's central appeals committee for final decision.

Decisions made by the university's central appeals committee can not be further appealed.

The universities and colleges act and the public administration act

The universities and colleges act provides rules for certain areas that are also treated in the public administration act, for example when it comes to appeals about grades. In such cases, the universities and colleges act takes presedence over the general provisions of the public administration act.

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