Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 10

Persons 226 - 250 of 803
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ann-Liz Johansen Grønli Grønli, Ann-Liz Johansen Administrative Manager +47-95772117
Picture of Torbjørn Grønner Grønner, Torbjørn Administrative Manager +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, International cooperation, Educational cooperation, Research cooperation, EEA/Norway grants
Picture of Frode Grøtan Grøtan, Frode Works Technician Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Rafael Martinez Guerrero Guerrero, Rafael Martinez Chief Engineer +47-22840091 +47-99256907 PostgreSQL, databaser, replication, tuning, linux, SQL, bash, pl/pgsql, cfengine, cert, database security, high availability, system integration, python, monitoring, zabbix, elasticsearch, pgbackman, zabbix-cli, logstash, kibana, ansible, automation, rabbitmq, haproxy
Picture of Are Dag Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Are Dag Senior Engineer +47-22852881 +47-97122198
Picture of Erik Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Erik Senior Adviser +47-95745980 UniRand
Picture of Mikal Kolbein Gule Gule, Mikal Kolbein Permisjon
Picture of Iselin Gulli Gulli, Iselin Principal Engineer
Picture of Anders Gulsrud Gulsrud, Anders 930 10 003 Project management
Picture of Tissa Upul A Gunasekara Gunasekara, Tissa Upul A Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Eirik Haatveit Haatveit, Eirik Head Engineer +47-91647841 TSD
Picture of Petter Haavin Haavin, Petter Senior Engineer +47-416 22 483
Habbachi, Abdel-Karim Works Technician +47-45457772 Building maintenance
Picture of Øyvind Hagberg Hagberg, Øyvind Senior Engineer +47-22852549 +47-98256063 98256063 98256063
Picture of Kristin Hagstad Hagstad, Kristin Adviser +47-22856328 +47-95156968
Hajdarpasic, Orhan Renholdsleder +47-22851776 +47-92623024 Cleaning
Picture of Ann Kristin Sørli Halvorsen Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Picture of Emil Hamre Hamre, Emil Senior Adviser 22 85 54 75
Picture of Lise Hamre Hamre, Lise Head Engineer +47-22840580
Picture of Torunn Hancke Hancke, Torunn Senior Adviser +47-22845534 +47-94818296 External funding, MSCA, EU-office, EU, H2020, PES, ERC
Picture of Erik Handelsby Handelsby, Erik Head of Office +47-22855227 +47-97510643 Financial management
Picture of Sveinbjørn Hannesson Hannesson, Sveinbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22855961 Analysis, Reports
Picture of Andre Nikolai Hansen Hansen, Andre Nikolai Senior Adviser +47-22858539 Application management, SAPUiO, Salary, HR system
Picture of Audun Lea Hansen Hansen, Audun Lea Senior Engineer +47-22852930 +47-46472990
Picture of Ingvild Hansen Hansen, Ingvild Senior Engineer +47-22852945 +47-93232890