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Watch recordings of life science lunches from 2016

We have hosted life science lunches on innovation, epigenetics, gene editing and cancer and stem cells in 2016. Watch the recordings of the seminars.

Life science lunch February 9th on innovation

Researchers and students who have won innovation prizes presented their work. The director of UiO’s technology transfer office (TTO) Inven2 talked about who he thinks will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 70 per cent of the patents that are taken out through Inven2 come from academic environments in the field of life sciences.

Life Science Lunch May 12th on epigenetics

How do our genes and the environment shape us and make us who we are?

At the seminar we showed the new epigenetics video from the Faculty of Medicine at UiO – the cartoon movie “Epigenetics: nurture vs nature”. 

Life Science Lunch October 21st on gene editing with CRISPR

What do we know about the technology, possibilities, use and ethical considerations?


Life Science Lunch November 16th on cancer and stem cells – the cells of possibilities?

What are stem cells, where do we find them and what are their roles? How can we use knowledge about stem cells in research and treatment of diseases? Why are stem cells so much debated? 


Life Science Lunch is a series of seminars that is a collaboration between faculties and departments, the Student Parliament, the Science Library and UiO:Life Science.

By Norunn K. Torheim
Published Dec. 19, 2016 11:43 AM - Last modified Nov. 6, 2019 3:43 PM