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Join international life science pitch competition!

UiO:Life Science hopes to see Norwegian finalists in the pitch competition at the tech conference SLUSH in Helsinki on 5 December. The winner is granted 30 000 euros. Life science students and researchers in startups or pre-startups are welcome to apply before 1 October at 12:00.

Are you already on the path of turning your discovery into action? This is the pitch competition for you! 

UiO:Life Science is the co-organizer of the pitch competition in life science during the SLUSH conference in Helsinki in December.

The winner of the competition will be granted 30,000 euros.

Eight of the applicants will be picked out to attend the final in Helsinki on 5 December.

The finalists will receive professional pitch training and a ticket to SLUSH.

SPARK Norway teams encouraged to apply

The teams of UiO:Life Science's innovation programme SPARK Norway have been particularly encouraged to apply, but others from UiO, or other Norwegian institutions, are also very much welcomed to apply.

About SLUSH, Y Science and the life science pitch competition

  • SLUSH is an annual startup and tech conference in Helsinki. The dates for 2018 are 4–5 December. In 2017 the conference had 20 000 participants, including 2600 startup companies, 1500 investors and 600 journalists from 130 countries.
  • The side event Y Science was organized for the first time last year with HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science at the University of Helsinki in lead. The aim is to bring together science and business to inspire new contributions to society and business. This year, the event is one of seven official SLUSH side events.
  • The life science pitching competition is part of Y Science. The competition is a collaboration between several universities and Finnish KASKAS media. Last year there were 1150 applications and 6–800 attendees at the event. UiO:Life Science is the co-organizer of the event for the first time this year.
By Norunn K. Torheim
Published Sep. 24, 2018 8:03 AM