Investing in health and environment

The main event of Oslo Life Science 2018 where we showcased our best interdisciplinary research and let international speakers give us new insight in how to increase value creation from basic research. And we got to hear what the government expects from the life science community in the Oslo region. See pictures and watch videos from the event.

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Main target groups: researchers, students, bureaucrats, businesspeople, investors and politicians. 


Registration from 11.45

12.30 Session 1

Haddy Njie


Professor Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo 

Knowledge in use – science, collaboration and impact

Iselin Nybø, Minister of Research and Higher Education

What does the government expect from the life science community in the Oslo region?

This autumn the former minister of research and education announced that the starting grant for the planned life science building at UiO would be on the 2018 national budget. He stated that the government has great expectations about what this building will mean for Norway. What does the new minister expect from us?

Dr., MBA Barbara Nelsen, founder of Nelsen Biomedical.

How novel technologies move from the institute to the market

Nelsen has extensive experience in moving technology from concept to commercialization, developing business models, implementing business plans, and creating strategic partnerships and market expansion activities. She has been an investor and a scientific investigator and has worked in the industry in both research and development and in business development.

Professor Craig Garner, founder and director of SPARK Berlin, the first SPARK site in Europe, and former Standford SPARKee

The SPARK concept to enhance innovation in Europe and worldwide

Gunnveig Grødeland, researcher Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UiO and one of the first five Norwegian SPARKees

How can SPARK Norway help take a new influenza vaccine to the market?

Professor II, Arne Klungland, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, UiO and Clinic for Laboratory Medicine (KLM), Oslo University Hospital(OUS) 

The convergence environment Epigenetics and bioethics of human embryonic development

Associate Professor Steven Ray Wilson, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO

The convergence environment Organ on a chip and nano-devices (CHIP) 

Associate Professor Shuo-Wang Qiao, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UiO

The convergence environment Comparative immunology of fish and humans (COMPARE) 

13.55 Coffee break

14.35 Session 2

Professor Anne Danielsen and Associate Professor Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Director and Deputy Director RITMO, Department of Musicology, Faculty of Humanities, UiO
and the jazz orchestra Batagraf

The Norwegian Centre of Excellence RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion 

Professor Mari Sundli Tveit, Rector of the Norwegian University of Life Science(NMBU)

Investing in a sustainable future

Assistant Professor of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Public Affairs, C. Jessica E. Metcalf, Princeton University, US

Meeting the challenge of malaria from biology to geography

Professor P. Wenzel Geissler, Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, UiO, and Professor Katrine Borgå, Department of Biosciences, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO

The convergence environment AnthroTOX – combining natural and social sciences to understand and manage global anthropogenic toxicants

Researcher Irep Gözen, Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Faculty of Medicine and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO and Researcher, Gry Oftedal, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas, Faculty of Humanities, UiO

The convergence environment Programmable Cell-like Compartments 

Bjørn Erikstein, CEO Oslo University Hospital

Strengthening clinical research in Oslo University Hospital

Tarje Bergdahl, Nordic Medical Affairs, Head Oncology, Novartis

CAR-T: Bench to bedside to factory

Raymond Johansen, Governing Mayor, the City of Oslo

A campus strategy for Oslo

Professor Finn-Eirik Johansen, chairperson of the UiO:Life Science board

Closing remarks

16.10 End of main event

16.30 Reception in Oslo City Hall

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