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Accessibility statement

Creating a form, collecting data and responding to a form on should be available to everyone. This is based on DIFI's guidelines for universal design for ICT services in Norway. This document summarizes the points we have discovered that Nettskjema deviates from these guidelines.

Old graphic design

During spring 2019, Nettskjema uppgraded graphic design for everyone responding to a form. The old design is based on standardized HTML and has, among other things, challenges with poor marking on radio buttons and check boxes. The same boxes are also not readable by the screen reader in the old design. It is also difficult to answer large arrays on smart phones.

Deadline for when this is fixed:

  • By 31 December 2019, old forms should have been converted into a new design

New design

In the new graphic profile, it is taken into account that all forms must function universally designed and a separate design has been designed that is optimized for answering via smart phones. Here is an overview of what is registered as deviation with deadline:

  • Incorrect heading levels when responding to form
    • Details: If you do not have an subheading, markup will go straight from H1 to H3
    • Deadline for fix: November 15, 2019
  • Missing from the "create new form" 
    • Details: Missing label, focus and not completely logical tab order
    • Deadline for fix: October 15, 2019
  • Matrix issues
    • Details: Missing semantic label in questions
    • Deadline for fix: October 15, 2019


If you have questions or feedback on universal design in Nettskjema, please contact

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