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Digital disputation

Information about how to prepare for and conduct a digital public defence. These routines shall contribute to keeping the defence in accordance with common guidelines at UiO, as well as avoid unwanted or unnecessary disturbances during the defence. 

General information about digital defence

A digital defence makes use of Zoom for communication. The general information applies to everyone who wishes to attend a digital defence. In addition, depending on your role in the defence, you may have specific responsibilities listed below.

Completely or partially digital defence

A digital defence can be either completely or partially digital. Read more about the different types of digital defence here. Not all faculties and departments offer partially digital defences yet. 

Digital trial lecture

A digital trial lecture can either be held as a video conference over Zoom or by using Zoom to record the lecture by yourself. 

NB! The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine do not allow recording of the trial lecture.

The PhD candidate's responsibilities

Important information and preparations for the PhD candidate.

The responsibilities of the opponents

In addition to your regular responsibilities in relation to a public defence, some additional preparation is needed for a digital defence.

The responsibilities of the defence technician

The defence technician is the host of the defence, and is responsible for managing all participants during the entire defence.

The responsibilities of the chair of the committee

As the chair of the committee you need to learn how to use Zoom inn general. In addition you have some extra responsibility during a partially digital defence. 

The responsibilities of the chair of the defence

In addition to regular responsibilities during a defence, there are a few additional points that relate specifically to a digital defence.

For other audience members

Information for anyone who wishes to attend a digital defence.

The responsibilities of the PhD administration

Information about the extra responsibilities of the PhD administration when organising a digital defence.

Useful guideline documents

Manuscript for a trial disputation, abbreviated documentation for active participants.