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Zoom: Video Meetings and digital lectures

What is Zoom?

  • UiO's preferred service for video meetings and remote lecturing
  • Zoom works across all platforms, devices, and in browsers
  • Guest accounts (non-UiO) can participate

What can I store and send?

Red data is allowed in Zoom as long as the session is not recorded, only streamed. You may record red data using Zoom, but only if a separate written assessment is made. Storage of the recording must follow this guide.


Install and log in to UiO Zoom, join lectures in Zoom, privacy and recordings, how to prepare for digital lectures.


Correct settings for digital lectures, useful equipment, inviting to, conducting and recording digital teaching, features for involving students. 

Organising meetings

Meeting security, inviting participants, settings, meeting or webinar, the host's responsibility, recordings, screen sharing.

Help and guides

See all our guides on Zoom in one place; installation and first-time use, how to join a meeting or lecture and what you can do, and how to create and invite to meetings, how to manage meetings, make recordings and involve participants.

Search the user manual


Do you need help or have questions about Zoom at UiO?