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Digital learning environment

Good communication is important for the digital learning environment and to make sure students keep up their motivation as they sit home alone with their studies.

Digital arenas 

  • Create regular digital opportunities where students can meet, ask questions and collaborate online.
  • Consider if dividing the students into set groups will help them stay connected for the rest of the semester. Give the students opportunities to collaborate in discussions on Canvas outside of the lectures.
  • Tell the students how you want them to interact with each other, since a closer connection with other students is more important than before. Encourage students to organize their digital social events/meetings as they see best.  

Clear Information  

  • Clear deadlines helps the students to organize and structure their time.
  • Inform the students about your expectations for leaning outcomes in the digital teaching, and what you expect the students to contribute with.
  • Give the students information about how to contact you, and when they can expect a response.

Care and consideration

  • Be friendly and compassionate, and remember that your focus should be on the students' learning.
  • With a friendly and considerate tone you will invite the students to communicate in a similar way, also with each other.
  • Some students experience a great transition when changing from lectures at campus to lectures at home. You can show compassion for the students by including them in the transition to a digital learning environment, and create an inclusive, digital learning environment.

Universal design 

  • It is important to think about what you can do to make it easier for all students to participate.  
  • Good sound, readable fonts and clear messages is equally important in a digital environment as in a normal teaching session. 
  • Find more information in the web course on universal design (in Norwegian, in Canvas). 
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