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Digital exam

Here you will find advice for how to develop a digital exam.

Select learning outcomes 

  • Select the most central learning outcomes in your course, and plan the digital exam together with the rest of the digital teaching. 
  • If you change the format for the exam mid-way through the semester, you may not be able to test all of the curriculum. Think carefully about the what knowledge and skills the students should have to pass the exam.   

Planning the exam  

  • Give assignments that let the students demonstrate that they can use their knowledge. Let students practice similar assignments in the period before the exam. 
  • A digital exam can be organized in many different ways, for example through a home exam, portfolio or oral exam.
  • At a home exam, it is most appropriate to test students' ability to put knowledge into context, and to use the knowledge to analyze, discuss, and reflect.  
  • Ensure that students understand what the assignments are asking for.
  • Provide students with clear and consistent information about the design of the exam and criteria for assessment. 

See detailed description about preparing for a digital exam, forms of examination and assessment 

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