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Pedagogical advice for digital teaching

Here you will find advice for how to plan your course and how to teach well both on campus and online.

Good advice for teaching:

  • Careful planning ensures that all students can participate. 
  • Give friendly and clear instructions about times, deadlines and expectations.
  • The students need to meet each other to learn.


Do you need help with your digital classes?

Course planning

Course planning includes careful examination of the what, how and why of teaching, and how to practically organise the course.

Planning your course is an opportunity to align what you want the students to learn, how you organise your teaching, and what assessment forms you choose.

Digital teaching

  • Lecture videos
  • Seminars on Zoom
  • Examples of teaching units

Digital assessment

  • Key learning goals
  • Planning a digital exam
  • Practical advice

Digital learning environment

  • Arenas for collaboration  
  • Clear instructions
  • Care and consideration

UiO's Helpdesk for digital services

Students and staff can get help using digital tools for teaching, by phone and remote control of your PC. 

Digital tools - an overview

Tools for collaboration and assessment