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E-mail and calendar

All students and employees has their own e-mail account. On this page you can read more about e-mail safety, how much e-mail storage space is available to you, how to create groups, how to decrease the amount of spam recieved, forwarding e-mails and much more.

Read e-mail at UiO

All students and staff at UiO are assigned an e-mail account. Find your UiO e-mail address and start using your UiO e-mail. 

Invite and respond to invitations

You receive meeting invitations in your email, and can respond and add the calendar entry directly.

Filters for automatic sorting

If you get a lot of e-mail, you can create filters that automatically sorts your mail into folders from your inbox.

Setup for mobile device or home computer

You can read your UiO e-mail and use the calender on mobile devices and home computer or laptop. It requires a few simple settings.

Recommended e-mail and calendar applications


Outlook 2016 is the recommended e-mail and calendar application for those who use Windows. Outlook provides fully integrated calendar and e-mail, and menu bars many will recognize from the Office programs.

Webmail (OWA)

Webmail at UiO is now Outlook Web App (OWA), which provides convenient access to email and calendar directly in a browser, regardless of your operating system.

Apple Mail and Apple Calendar

For Mac it is recommended to Outlook 2016 for Mac.


Thunderbird is recommended for Linux. With the Lightning add-on you also get an integrated calendar.

E-mail and calendar on mobile devices

Read e-mail and use the calendar on the mobile phone or tablet while on the go.

Other clients in use

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More about e-mail at UiO

Read more about security and e-mail, how many e-mails you can save, how to reduce the amount of unsolicited e-mail, and the recommended e-mail and calendar programs.