The uioguest guest network

Get user name and password in text message - valid for 12 hours.

The uioguest network is not encrypted. This means that data sent over this network, is less secure than if you were using for example the eduroam network. If you are a student or employee at the University, or a guest who will stay for a while, you should rather use eduroan, the recommended encrypted wireless network. Use of uioguest is intended to be temporary and for short periods.

To use the uioguest network, you register om a web page that opens when you launch your browser. On some devices the registration page will open automatically when you connect it to your wireless network. Proceed as follows:

1. Open the dialog for connecting to wireless networks, and select the network uioguest. It is available for all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. Shown here with the use of Windows 7:

2. Then, open a web browser, and type any URL, for example The registration web page opens, you register, and the receive a temporary password via text message (SMS) to your mobile phone. The text message is free.

NB! Use http://<adress> instead of https if you are experiencing problems.

  • Read Terms of Use (Terms), and check the box for accepting the terms. If you do not agree to the terms, you can not use the guest network..
  • Then enter:
    • Name
    • Affiliation (if any)
    • Your mobile number
  • Click the Register-button.

3. Shortly you will receive a text message with user name and password on the mobile phone which number you entered. The text message is sent from phone +47 19600000, and is free for all users. (In the picture below is a username and password is replaced with X for safety reasons.)

4. Enter the SUser name and password on the web page which opened when you clicked Register in step 2 above. It is possible that the user name is shown automatically. Cklck the Login-button.

5. You are now connected to the uioguest network and have Internet access. You will be sent to a website with information about uioguest network, and from here you can go to other sites. Duration of the account is 12 hours after registration and repeated logins within this time should use the same username/password.

Please note that the uioguest network is not encrypted. This means that unencrypted services (for example, all HTTP traffic, etc.) potentially could be intercepted after login. You must therefore take responsibility for the security and it is recommended to only use services that are encrypted (pages whose URL starts with https).

Published June 4, 2015 10:06 AM - Last modified July 9, 2019 3:18 PM