Recorded lectures? Now it's even easier to upload to the students

With Upload Course Video it is easy to upload video to the course schedule, also if you have recordings from Zoom or your own video. Find out more about the new application for uploading recorded lectures and other video resources.

New application for uploading teaching video

Previously, it was only Recording Lectures (Forelesningsopptak) that offered automatic upload to the course schedule, but now it is just as easy with video from other sources, and also lots of it too. Choose which course the video should appear in for the students' schedule, click Upload – and the video is uploaded to the correct location and is ready for the students.

Some have previously experienced that uploading has not worked from home when sitting on a slow home network, this we have improved in the Upload course videos application.

Skjermbilde fra kursopplasting, første siden hvor man velger emne.

What and why?

You can upload as many videos as you want to the course schedule. They will show up as links, in alphabetical order. It may be a lecture you have recorded at home and want students to see on their own before you meet live on Zoom or similar. It can also be helpful to upload recordings of lectures even if they were held live, with the students, in case someone could not be present at the specified time, or would like to see the lecture again.

Start using the new application

Links to Upload Course Videos are included in the timetable on the semester page for all the courses so that you can have easy access to the service. Read about Upload Course Videos and how to use it. 

Skjermbilde av timeplan med opplastingsknapp
Course schedule on the semester page with button for Upload videos.

You can still use Recording Lectures

There is now a new version of the Recording Lectures application. With Recording Lectures you record what you say along with the presentation you show, and the app uploads the recording to the course schedule for the students to wtch. This is an easy way to get a lecture to the students, and it can be used when teaching does not need to be interactive. It can be used alone, along with live tutorials or lectures in Zoom or otherwise. Read about Recording Lectures.

Recordings with confidential content (Red Data)

In connection with the teaching at UiO becoming fully digital, guidelines have been made for making uploads with confidential content (red data).

Confidential (red) data in teaching may be a lecture video in which an identifiable patient is referred to, or where the patient himself participates. Such video can now be published as long as you follow the rules and guidelines properly. Please note:

  • The routine requires that access to the videos is restricted and set correctly
  • The person responsible for the recording and publication must ensure that recording of confidential (red) data in teaching is only carried out with services and tools that are approved for it. The recording lectures application (new version) is approved. Zoom is approved if you follow the Routine for Red Data in Zoom.
  • Read Routine for publishing teaching video with confidential (red) data (for the moment in Norwegian only).

What about videos to be linked in Canvas?

It should be easy for Canvas users to use Upload Course Videos and Recording Lectures so that they do not have to deal with the space constraints in Canvas for large videos.

USIT is at the moment working with LINK and the Digital Services Office to find ways to improve the integration between Canvas and Vortex for linking lecture videos.

Published May 25, 2020 3:03 PM - Last modified May 25, 2020 3:06 PM