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Consent form and information sheet

Consent form

You must get a written consent from all the people attending the lecture/course/seminar which is being recorded, unless the only person being recorded is the lecturer or the lecturer’s voice. If you do not have written consent from all of the participants, you cannot record the session.

Download the consent form
Consent form as an electronic form in Nettskjema

Information sheet

The information sheet is to be used when you are recording a lecture in which you need a consent form. The information sheet gives a summary of what the participants need to know before signing the consent form. The participants need to be familiar with the content of this sheet before they sign the consent form. It should therefore be handed out to the participants.

The sheet has to be edited with regard to what room is being used, subject, period, contact information etc. You can therefore download the sheet as a word-file.

Download the information sheet

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