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NVivo is a software that allows you to code text, sound, images and video. NVivo can also be used for transcribing.

About NVivo

NVivo is a software package with analysis tools for qualitative researchers.NVivo can be a good help throughout the research process, from the thesis statement, organizing data, coding and working with other researchers to systematic analysis like organizing information.

If you need to process a rich dataset of unstructured information (like interviews, logs, images or video), NVivo is a good tool. The software automates manual tasks, like classifying or organizing information.

Please be aware that NVivo does not do the actual analysis, but is a useful tool in the research process.

Help and guidance


NB! You need administrator rights on your computer to install NVivo. Contact your local IT staff for help with this.


We have experienced employees with research experience (PhD) who regularily has courses in NVivo. Contact for more information.

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