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Registration of a new TSD project

All TSD projects must be registered

All projects that are to be included in TSD must be registered as described here.  Some institutions already have a service agreement and a data processor agreement, which makes project registration easier, but it must still be carried out as described below.  If the institution you work for does not have agreements with TSD, agreements for your project are created as part of the registration described here.

Not a TSD-customer?

Customer relationships are created when you complete the registration described on this page. This applies to all individual projects. If you represent an institution that wants an institutional agreement, contact TSD.


In order to be able to use TSD for a project and register the project in TSD, you must be able to refer to an ethical approval to conduct the research you intend to carry out, either from REK, NSD, Datatilsynet or your local privacy representative (PVO).

To complete the registration, you must have the following:

  • An electronic copy of ethical approval for the research you conduct (REK, NSD, privacy representative, the Data Inspectorate or others).
    If you have research that you think should be in TSD, but which does not fall under the categories mentioned above, you can upload a document that explains this. An example is if you intend to  research data that is considered to be trade secrets, or that for other reasons should be extra well secured.
    • Your login to minID (Idporten), or BankID
    • An updated browser on the computer you are using, e.g.  Google Chrome or Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not recommended.

    You must also be ready to state, among other things:

    • Your FEIDE-username if you've got one
    • Your email adress
    • You phone number
    • Who has given ethical approval for the project? (NSD, REK, Datatilsynet or local privacy representative)
    • Reference number on the decision from NSD, REK, Datatilsynet or local privacy representative
    • Name of the project
    • End date of the project
    • Institution responsible for research for the project
    • Payment information

    Signature and conclusion

    • VIKTIG: Til slutt i registreringen må du signere digitalt ved å trykke på "Fortsett til signering" i slutten av skjemaet. Dokumentet som skal signeres blir så synlig i nettleseren. Her er det viktig å fullføre signering ved å trykke på stor rød knapp merket "Signer dokument". Merk at du nå blir bedt om å logge inn med ID-porten en gang til. Dette kreves for å få en gyldig digital signatur.
    • IMPORTANT: At the end of the registration, you must sign digitally by clicking on "Continue to signing" at the end of the form. The document to be signed then becomes visible in the browser. Here it is important to complete signing by pressing the big red button marked "Sign document". Note that you will now be prompted to log in with the ID-porten again. This is required to obtain a valid digital signature.
    • The processing time is 10 working days.

    Perform registration

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