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Register a project in TSD


The TSD – Service for Sensitive Data, is a platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing sensitive data in compliance with the Norwegian privacy regulation. This service can be used by researchers at UiO and other public research institutions.

Read more about UiO's classification of data here.

To create a TSD project, you must have an ethical assessment for handling personal data in your research from one of the following entities:

To submit an electronic application, please enclose a copy of the ethical assessment.

How to register a new TSD project

During the application process, a data processor and service agreement will be established between your institution and UiO/TSD, if these agreements do not already exist. You will also create a TSD user account, later in the process.

1. Log in to the signing portal for TSD-projects

Please go to electronic registration of TSD projects and log in with your electronic ID. Use an updated browser, e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not recommended.

In the application, we will among other things, ask for the following information:

  • Your FEIDE username if you have one
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your telephone number
  • Ethical approval for the project from NSD, REK, Datatilsynet or local Data Protection Official/Officer
  • Reference number on the assessment from either NSD, REK, Datatilsynet or local Data Protection Official/Officer
  • Name of the project
  • End date of the project
  • Institution responsible for research for the project
  • Payment information

start registrering av prosjekt

2. Upload the ethical assessment of the project

Please upload a document with ethical assessment of the project, enter the formal project name that is in the assessment and a short name of the project.

Informasjon om prosjektet til utfylling

3. Fill in the institution responsible for research

Please select the institution you belong to in the drop-down menu. If your institution is not on the menu, a data processor and service agreement must be created. In that case, select Annen institusjon in the drop-down menu and fill in the agreements. You must have the authority to enter into these agreements.

Bildet kan inneholde: skrift, materiell eiendom, skjermbilde, parallell, nummer.

When you click Neste, you will create a service agreement.

Bildet kan inneholde: skrift, skjermbilde, parallell, nummer.

4. Fill in the contact person for invoicing

Please choose who will receive the invoices for the project.

Velg fakultet/senter

5. Select storage requirements and operating system you want to use

Please enter your estimated storage needs and which operating system you want to use.

Valg av lagring

If you need to store data over 1 TiB, you have the following options:

Depending on the institution your project is affiliated with, you may receive better support through one of these offers.

6. Choose if you need access to Colossus

Colossus is Sigma2's cluster and is offered in collaboration with UiO. If you need High Performance Computing resources in TSD, you may apply for Sigma2-resources.

PostgreSQL is an open source database.

Tilgang til colossus

7. Confirm that the information has been read and sign

Please sign digitally by pressing Gå til signering at the end of the form. The document to be signed then becomes visible in the browser. Here it is important to complete the signing process by pressing the big red button marked Signer dokument. Note that you will now be asked to log in with the ID port again. This is required to obtain a valid digital signature.

The processing time is 10 working days.

Avhuking for forståtte vilkår



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