Where should I save my documents?

UiO offers a variety of storage and file sharing and interaction services. You choose the one or the ones that best suit your needs. What documents contain and how they are used determines how to store or store them.

Safety first! Information with protection needs must be stored properly.

Information with a need for protection is in this context data that may harm the reputation, security or otherwise of an individual or UiO if disclosed to unauthorized persons or subject to requirements in Norwegian law.

UiO storage services

  • Home area
  • Common/shared area
  • "Research Storage"
  • UiO website
  • TSD (services for sensitive data)

Cloud services

Cloud services with UiO login:

  • Office 365 with OneDrive
  • UiO-Dropbox
  • G Suite

Do not save information with protection needs in cloud solutions, and do not use other cloud services the 3 mentioned above, for UiO-related information.

Other needs

If you are going to order storage space on servers or have other needs within storing large amounts of data, you can read about Storage solutions at UiO, or contact the USIT group responsible for storage, at lagringstjenester@hjelp.uio.no. Remember that you should not store / store or share information related to your business at UiO, on services where you do not log in with UiO username and password.