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Shared volumes – saving and sharing documents

What are shared volumes?

Shared volumes are storage areas that are used by groups of people to store data that is of common interest to the entire group.


Shared volumes are normally used when groups need a data area for common storage and exchange of data, and preferably when small amounts of data are involved. The common areas are stored on fast disk and have a high degree of data security. If larger amounts of data are needed, take a look at the popular "storage hotel" option. 


The UiO internal price per TiB per year is 4,500, - incl. VAT.


Getting started

Shared volumes is a payable service and may be ordered by faculty and staff through the local IT staff. 

  • Contact your local IT staff for ordering and/or modification of shared volumes.
  • Local IT staff can use the ordering form to order new shared volume or order changes to an excisting volume.

What is legal to store?

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