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Business cards for UiO staff

The front of the business card is locked onto a specific layout. Text on the back page is optional. The business cards come with Norwegian or English logo.

Example of the front and back side of UiO's business card

How to order

Order your business cards online

  • Choose card type and Language
  •  Already logged on to a UiO pc/mac, some key bits of information is already present on the card.
  • Fill inn or omit the remaining.
  • The back of the card is put aside for 8 lines of free text.
  • Only text is allowed on the back of the cards (SKS in LOS - owner of UiOs graphic profile - including business cards).
  • Please contact the accounting manager of your unit if you are not familiar with your stedkode and tiltakskode (Norwegian).
  • Proof read your business card thouroughly in the preview window.

For the University Libraries only:

  • The correct logo for the university libraries will be added manually by Reprosentralen.


Business cards are printed each Thursday and subsequently sent to the UiO-adress on the card itself.

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