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Envelopes and business cards

Envelopes with UiO logo and business cards for UiO employees.

Envelopes with UiO logo

Envelopes with UiO logo can be ordered at the University Print Center.

Business cards for UiO employees

UiO business cards can be ordered at the University Print Center.

  • Choose business card type and language
  • Fill out the form on the website.
  • The front page has a fixed layout, while the text on the back page is optional. You may have eight lines of text on the back page. It is not possible to add pictures.
  • It is mandatory to enter both location code and action code. Please contact your finance unit for the correct codes if you are not familiar with them. 
  • Proof read before approving the card.
  • The business cards come with Norwegian or English logo. The correct logo for the university libraries will be added manually by the University Print Center.
  • Business cards are printed every Thursday and sent by internal mail to the UiO address listed on the business card. If you want a different solution, you must send an email to the University Print Center.
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