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Doctoral thesis

PhD candidates’ faculty or department will cover the cost of printing a specific number of thesis copies. You can also order extra copies for private use in the same order without VAT.

Order printing

There are two different ways you can order the printing of your PhD thesis:

  • Send the thesis as a PDF file to
  • Hand in the PDF file on a USB flash drive to the Graphic center (opening times are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm). See map.

Requisition form

Candidates, together with the faculty or institute, need to complete a requisition form in order to print their doctoral thesis. You can download the requisition form from Graphic center's web store.

  • The candidate must fill out all the fields marked green. The blue fields must be filled out by the faculty or institute. Submit the form in Excel format together with your PhD files. 

File format and dimensions

  • The thesis and attachments must be submitted to the Graphic center as PDF files in A4 format.
  • Note that most theses are printed in the format 17x24 cm. This corresponds to around 81% of A4. The Graphic center will scale down your files.
  • LaTeX users: Please submit in A4 format.

Cover page, title page, summary, photo of the candidate and colophon page

  • UiO uses standardized cover pages. Candidates are not permitted to use their own design for the cover page.
  • The cover page is made by the Graphic center and will include:
    • Candidate's name
    • Thesis title and subtitle
    • The UiO unit of the candidate
    • Year of public defence
    • ISSN/ISBN number
  • Optional:
    • Abstract for the back page (max. 1200 characters including spaces)
    • Photo of the candidate for the back page (formats: jpg/tiff/png/psd)
  • If submission occurs in one year and the public defence follows the year after, the UiO cover will show year of defence.
  • The Graphic center has the ISSN series for all faculties apart from Faculty of Dentistry and Medicine, who submits a unique number from their ISBN series on the requisition form.

Printing costs to be covered by candidate

Copies for private use can be ordered at the same time as the main order. Specify the number of private copies in the requisition form.

Printing costs to be invoiced

The printing of additional copies can be invoiced, but you must give all invoice details in the requisition form. 

Print time and delivery

  • You need to submit the order 4–5 weeks before the public defence.
  • You will receive the cover page and a print file via e-mail for approval. Send the approval to
  • The faculty/institute will receive the printed thesis 2 weeks before the public defence.
  • Any private copies can be collected from the Graphic center. See map.


The requisiton form will automatically calculate the total cost. 

Please note that VAT is added to all additional orders.


  • The faculty/institute covers a specific number of copies. Contact your department to find out how many.
  • Extra copies must be paid by card or Vipps upon collection, or you may request an invoice to be sent. Remember to give complete invoice information.

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