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Doctoral thesis

PhD candidates’ faculty or department will cover the cost of printing a specific number of thesis copies. You can also order extra copies for private use in the same order, and these will be charged at the internal price without VAT.

Order printing

There are three different ways you can order the printing of your PhD thesis:

  • Log in using the UiO purchasing button and enter the order online.
  • Send the thesis as a PDF file to
  • Hand in the PDF file on a USB flash drive to the University Print Centre (opening times are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm). See map.

Requisition form

Candidates need to complete a requisition form from their faculty or department in order to print their doctoral thesis. Please ask your supervisor whether the faculty or department covers the cost in your case. Download the requisition form here (odt). The form contains payment details and information to be added to the cover page.

  • Contact your faculty/department for assistance in completing the requisition form.
  • Before ordering online, ask your faculty or department for the following information:
    • Location code, budget code and, where applicable, project code
    • Print run (number of copies covered by the faculty or department)
    • Number of colour pages covered by the faculty or department
  • When ordering online, the payment information must be given in the order.
  • Upload the requisition form containing the summary as a separate file. 
  • The requisition must be handed in by the faculty/department and is regarded as signed if sent from a faculty/department email address.

File format and dimensions

The thesis must be submitted to the University Print Centre as a single PDF file in A4 format.

Note that most theses are printed in the format 17x24 cm. This corresponds to around 81% of A4. Remember to factor this in.

LaTeX users: Please submit an A4 file.

Cover page, title page, summary, photo of the candidate and colophon page

  • UiO uses standardized cover pages. Candidates are not permitted to use their own design for the cover page.
  • The cover page is made by the Print Sentre and will include:
    • Candidate's name
    • Thesis title and subtitle
    • The UiO unit of the candidate
    • Year of dissertation
    • ISSN/ISBN number
  • Optional:
    • Abstract for the back page (max. 1200 characters including spaces)
    • Photo of the candidate for the back page (formats: jpg/tiff/png/psd)
  • If submission occurs in one year and dissertation follows the year after, The UiO cover will show year of dissertation.
  • The University Printing Center has the ISSN series for all faculties apart from Faculty of Dentistry and Medicine, who submits a unique number from their ISBN series on the order form.
    • Faculty of Medicine appoints a unique ISBN number for each candidate in the requisition form.
  • The colophon page is made by the Print Centre, based on the title page in the thesis and will among other things contain Name and ISSN/ISBN number. It will be inserted after the title page. A placeholder page is recommended.


  • If you want to use colour, you need to check with the department how many colour pages they cover (NOK 0.80 per page).
  • Alternatively, you can pay for the colour pages yourself.
  • Only use a Word style with colours if the department or you will cover the costs.
  • All unwanted colour information can be removed from the PDF file you provide for printing.

Printing costs to be covered by candidate

  • Copies for private use can be ordered at the same time as the main order.
  • When ordering online, enter the number of private copies you require in the free text field, not in the field specifying the number of copies.
  • If you order extra copies later (in addition to the order covered by the department), you will be charged VAT.

Printing costs to be covered from additional funding

  • Candidates with additional funding from external units must submit a collective order, but must give details of the additional funding in the order.
  • Enter the invoice address and invoice code in the invoice address field.

Print time and delivery

  • You need to submit the order 4–5 weeks before the public defence.
  • You will receive the cover page and a print file via e-mail for approval. Send the approval to
  • Print time: 5 working days. At peak times (May–June and November–December), printing may take 6–8 days.
  • The department/unit will receive the printed thesis 2 weeks before the public defence.
  • Any private copies can be collected from the University Print Centre. See map.


  • The department covers a specific number of copies. Contact your department to find out how many.
  • Extra copies must be paid by card upon collection, or you may request an invoice to be sent. Remember to give a complete invoice address.

Prices for additional copies

Additional copies added to the main order:

  • Black/white: 0,20 kr per page
  • Colour: 0,80 kr per page
  • Binding: 7 kr per copy

Please note that VAT is added to all additional orders.


Follow-up orders:

  • Initial expenditure: 600 kr       
  • Black/white: 0,40 kr per page
  • Colour: More than 500 pages: 1 kr per page
                 More than 200 pages: 3 kr per page
                 Less than 200 pages: 4 kr per page
  • Binding: 10 kr per copy
  • Cover print: 8 kr

Please note that VAT is added to all follow-up orders.

DUO Research Archive

  • Candidates have the option to publish their thesis digitally in the DUO Research Archive.
  • When you make your thesis available in DUO, it involves duties and responsibilities for both UiO and you as the author.  
  • The University of Oslo recommends that all candidates upload their thesis digitally.
  • The University Print Centre can also upload the thesis upon request.
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