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Printing your master’s thesis

The department will cover the cost of printing a set number of copies for candidates for the master’s degree. You can order additional private copies as part of the same order at the internal price and exempt from VAT.

Print copies at the department’s expense

  • Contact your department/centre and request information on:
    • Location code
    • Print run (number of copies covered by your department)
    • Number of colour pages in the thesis covered by the department
  • Log in using the UiO purchasing button
  • If you wish to order more copies/colour pages than are covered by your department, you may add this order in the free text field. The cost of the additional order will then be exempt from VAT, but must be covered by you. 

N.B.: Since the University Print Centre is an internal supplier, the order should not be made through UiO’s ordering system Basware PM.

Print copies at your own expense

  • If you order additional copies later (separately from the first order for department copies), the cost will be subject to VAT.
  • For these later orders, log in using the Private purchasing.

Print time and Collection

  • Print time: three full working days (four days i high season – May/June and November/December). When the thesis is ready, you will receive an email to this effect.
  • The theses are to be collected from the University Print Centre unless delivery to another UiO address has been agreed. Delivery is only possible when the entire order has been paid for by UiO.
  • If you are paying for some of the order yourself, please do so by bank card when collecting from the University Print Centre.

You must log on to UiO purchasing from a computer connected to UiO’s network, alternatively via remote desktop.

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