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Bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree may be awarded after three years of studies at undergraduate level. You apply for admission to bachelor's programmes on the basis of completed secondary school.

Bachelor's degree may be awarded after three years of study (180 credits). The degree is awarded either upon completion of a study programme or by combining education which meets the requirements for an individually combined bachelor’s degree.

The name of the degree depends on which academic specialization the degree includes.

Bachelor's degree based on a study programme

UiO bachelor's programmes can be divided into two main categories:

  • Programmes that consists of course groups of 80 and 40 credits.
  • Programmes that consists of programme-defined courses comprising at least 120 credits.

In both groups, the programmes may include a possibility for freely elective courses.

Individually combined bachelor’s degree

An individually combined bachelor's degree is achieved on the basis of three years of study (180 credits) where the following elements are included:

  • Examen philosophicum (10 credits)
  • Examen Facultatum (10 credits)
  • A course group comprising at least 80 credits
  • A course group comprising at least 40 credits
  • Remaining courses may be chosen freely

If the course group comprising at least 80 credits is within the field of science, you do not need Examen facultatum to satisfy the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. If you meet the requirements of an individually combined bachelor’s degree, you apply for the degree at the faculty where you have taken the bachelor’s degree’s academic specialization.

Further studies

After completion of a bachelor's degree, you can continue your studies with a master’s degree programme. UiO offers two-year master’s degree programmes for most bachelor's programmes.

Recognition of education

It is possible to apply for recognition of education from other institutions in your bachelor's degree at UiO. In order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree at UiO, at least one year of studies (60 credits) must be taken here. Students who have taken education at several institutions should examine the bachelor's degree requirements also at the other institutions.


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