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Master's degree

A master’s degree may be awarded upon completion of a study programme at postgraduate level. Most master's degree programmes are two-year and build on the academic specialization in the bachelor’s degree.

The University offers master's programmes in several categories:

  • Two-year, based on the bachelor's degree (120 credits)
  • Two-year, based on a three-year professional education (120 credits)
  • Five year, has the same admission requirements as a bachelor's programme (300 credits)
  • English language, 1 ½ or 2 years, often based on international agreements (90 or 120 credits)
  • Experience-based, 1 ½ or 2 years (90 or 120 credits)

Master's thesis

The master's thesis is an essential part of the master's degree, and usually has a scope of 20-60 credits. Supervision is mandatory when working with a master's thesis. For detailed information about the thesis, see the description of each programme or course.

Many of the master tasks at the University are published in DUO, Digital publications at the University of Oslo.


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