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Early reply to 1 1/2 - 2 years master's programmes admission

Some applicants may qualify to receive an early reply to their application.

International applicant?

If you are a citizen in a country outside the Nordic countries, without a residence permit in Norway, you will automatically receive an early reply to your application if you apply within the deadlines for Non-EU applicants or EU applicants.

How to apply for early reply?

1. You are qualified for an early reply if:

  • you have to either apply for a leave of absence or resign from your job.
    • Documentation:
      A certificate/letter from your employer confirming term of notice or leave of absence.
      or: Contract of employment from your employer indicating your notice period and a copy of your latest pay slip. Note: Pay slips that are password-encrypted (and therefore unopenable) cannot be accepted.
  • you are self-employed and are closing up your business to start studying.
    • Documentation: A certificate/letter from tax authorities or other central register that confirms self-employment.
  • you are moving with a family and therefore need time to relocate.
    • Documentation: A certificate of residence from the Population Register for applicant and children, or applicant and spouse/partner.
  • you have special needs and need assistance from the Accessibility Services at UiO.
    • Documentation: A certificate/letter confirming special needs (e.g. from a doctor).

2. You must meet all admission requirements within the application deadline, 1 March.

  • To qualify, you must meet all admission requirements within the application deadline.
  • In addition, you must rank among the top applicants.
  • If you complete your education after the deadline you will not receive an early reply.

3. Apply for early reply and upload the documentation in SøknadsWeb within 1 March

screenshot from SøknadsWeb
Screenshot from SøknadsWeb
screenshot from SøknadsWeb
Screenshot from SøknadsWeb


Applicants who will not be receiving an early reply

If your application for an early reply is not approved, the results will be published in Søknadsweb after the main admission round on 9 July.

Applicants who receive an early reply

If you have received an early reply, you will be notified by email on 29 April.

In July, after the main admission round, you will receive a new email. You will then be able to see your offer in SøknadsWeb, and you will have a short deadline to accept your offer.

If you get an early reply about your 2nd or 3rd priority programme, and are no longer interested in your higher priorities, you must change the order of the programmes in SøknadsWeb and set that programme as your first priority. The deadline to change the order of prioritized programmes is 1 July.

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