Exchange programmes and bilateral agreements

The University of Oslo (UiO) has exchange agreements with more than 500 recognized universities around the world and participates in a number of international exchange programmes such as Nordplus and Erasmus. Exchange students usually study at the University of Oslo for one or two semesters.

Most exchange students apply through their home university. The University of Oslo admits exchange students to the Spring and Autumn semester.

Courses offered in English

As an exchange student at the University of Oslo, you may choose from more than 800 different courses taught in English. UiO also offers Norwegian language courses, as well as a broad range of Scandinavian Studies courses.

Norwegian language courses

Most exchange students at the University of Oslo may apply for Norwegian Language Courses on foundation and advanced level.

Norwegian Language courses at The Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies


International students on Exchange programmes are guaranteed accommodation in one of the student villages, provided that they follow the instructions in their admission letters and go through with all necessary procedures by the specified deadline.

SiO Housing provides affordable housing for students in Oslo. SiO has 7700 rooms and apartments, near campus and around town. Some of the rooms share a bathroom and kitchen; others have a separate bathroom and kitchenette.

Housing for international students

Why choose the University of Oslo?

The University of Oslo (UiO) is a highly ranked European university which offers a wide range of courses taught in English.

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