Admission to Norwegian for Academics (NORA)

When to apply

    Courses starting in January

    • The Application Portal opens October 1.
    • The application deadline is November 15.

    Courses starting in August

    • The Application Portal opens May 2.
    • The application deadline is June 1.

    1. Check if you meet our basic admission requirements

    2. Check who can apply?

    • If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA you are only allowed to apply for NORA courses if you already have a Norwegian personal number or a D number.
    • It is not possible to get a student visa for taking this course.
    • If you are not from the EU/EEU and do not have a Norwegian personal number or D number now, but are living in Norway legally and/or know that you will get a residence permit before the course starts, you can write us an email to explain your case: . We will inform you about how to apply.
    • If you still have visa questions, these must be addressed to the UDI, not the UiO.

    3. Determine your level

    • Read our course descriptions
    • On basis of the results of the test, we can guide you to the course that would suit you best.

    Applying for NORA0120:  If you have attended a Norwegian level A2 course outside of the UiO (Norskprøven level A2), documentation of this must be produced on the second day of class.  Students who fail to document their A2 level will be demoted to level I.

    Applying for NORA0130:  If you have attended a Norwegian level B1 course outside of the UiO, documentation of a passed Norskprøven level B1 must be produced on the second day of class. Students who fail to document their B1 level will be demoted to level II.

    4. Check the course fee and how to pay

    • Read about how to pay the course fee
    • Payment must be made in full - a payment plan is not possible. Please make sure that your budget can accommodate the course fees before you apply.
    • Make sure you understand the cancellation policy before applying.

    Please note: Students at NORA-courses level I-III, will not be granted student loans by Lånekassen.

    Important information about the courses starting in January

    Due to the various forms of corona measures in place throughout Oslo and Norway, which restrict how many people can gather in groups, we cannot as per today guarantee that we will provide classroom teaching for the spring semester as planned. In the event that it is not possible to have classroom teaching, the course will instead be provided on a digital platform. ISS will refund all paid fees for students who choose to opt out of a digital course given they cancel by the deadline.  

    5. Apply now

    Our application periods are 

    • October 1 to November 15
    • May 2 to June 1.

    When you apply online, upload documentation in UiO's Application Portal "Søknadsweb". You will find NORA under "single courses/enkeltemner" after you have logged in.

    Former or current NORA or UiO students who have already uploaded documents online in the Application Portal:

    You still need to choose your course in the Application Portal, but if you can still see your documents there you are not required to upload any documents again.

    Apply now

    6. Getting your application results

    Applicants can expect an answer within 1 month after the application was submitted. 

    • Complete your payment after admission to secure your place. 

    Accommodation: We cannot arrange accommodation for NORA students, and UiO/SiO offers no housing guarantee for NORA students. NORA students are, however, allowed to apply for student housing through SiO, but since demand is very high, this is a risky option if one has no back-up plan. and are the biggest search engines for the private housing market.

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