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Export control

The legislation on export control is intended to help prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. At UiO, this affects the assessment of applications for admission to certain master's degree and ph.d. programmes.

What does export control entail?

Export controls are applied to countries where there is a justified suspicion or specific information about activities relating to the development and use of weapons of mass destruction.

The legislation covers the transfer of knowledge. The purpose is to prevent educational institutions from inadvertently contributing knowledge to the development or use of weapons of mass destruction or delivery systems for such weapons.

UiO may deny admission in disciplines that are particularly relevant to the development and use of weapons of mass destruction.

Which programmes does this affect?

Master’s degree and ph.d. programmes at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are subject to the legislation on export control. In some cases, ph.d. programmes at the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine may be affected.

How will the assessment be performed?

UiO will try to assign a topic for the master’s or ph.d. thesis that is not in violation of the Act relating to control of the export of strategic goods, services and technology. If this is possible, an offer of admission may be made to applicants who meet the entry criteria for the programme and are among the top candidates.

If it is not possible to find an acceptable topic, admission to the programme may be in breach of Norwegian law, and the application may be rejected.


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