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Guidelines for mandatory assignments

Department of Informatics, University of Oslo

Passed by the Ifi education board 3rd November 2011 with changes 31st January 2019

General rules

A mandatory assignment is a task which must be completed and approved before a student may appear for the final examination in a course. The assignment itself will be graded as passed or failed and will not influence the final grade awarded in the course. Some courses have weekly assignments; special rules apply for these courses (see below). At the start of a course, the number of assignments and their publication and delivery dates must be available. The assignment text must contain a clear specification of what the student is supposed to do. The theoretical background necessary for completing the assignment must be taught or made available in good time before the delivery date.


Publication date

Mandatory assignments should be made available at least 14 calendar days prior to the deadline; for weekly assignments at least 7 calendar days. The deadline as well as the amount of work involved must be decided in relation to the size of the course (ECTS credits) and other activities in the course. The general rule is that all deadlines will apply throughout the day (23:59)

Delivery date

The students must deliver a submission conforming to the standard Ifi submission requirements before the deadline. The students are expected to know these requirements. On submission or shortly afterwards, the students shall be notified in writing that the submission has been received; this can be in the form of a receipt from a delivery program, an e-mail or a list on an Ifi web page. Submissions delivered after the deadline will not be accepted unless there are acceptable reasons for the delay (see below).

Illness and postponed delivery

Only Autumn 2020:

Students are given an extension of until seven calender days if ill or any other unforseen events  and send this in an e-mail to the group teacher (this rule does not apply to the second attempt on the same assignment).

Students are given an extension of three calendar days if ill or any other unforseen events and send this in an e-mail to the group teacher (This rule does not apply to weekly assignments or the second and later submissions.) Extensions of the deadline due to longer periods of illness must be approved by the study administration based on medical documentation.

Other reasons for extension

A student having any other valid reason for needing an extension of the deadline must contact the student administration before the appointed delivery date.

Evaluation and return

Submissions should be evaluated and returned to the studentwithin twoweeks, particularly if the examdate is close. If one mandatory assignment is supposed to build on a previous one, an evaluation of the first one should be received at least 5 work days prior to the deadline of the second one. For weekly assignments the evaluation must arrive in time to give the student sufficient time to solve the next assignment. Mandatory assignments should be evaluated by qualified teachers or tutors. When returned, they shall contain a short report of the evaluator’s impression of the submission as well as constructive suggestions on improvements. If the submission is evaluated as failed, the evaluator shall state his or her reasons for this decision. If the course requires all submissions to be accepted, and the evaluator considers the submission to exhibit qualities that may be improved sufficiently, the student may be given an opportunity to resubmit. In this case, the student shall receive a specification of what must be improved. No second chance is given for weekly submissions. When resubmissions are allowed, the new deadline will depend on the amount of work involved and the deadline of any subsequent mandatory assignments, but will normally be 3 work days. When all students have had their assignments approved or the last possible deadline has expired, the lecturer is encouraged to present information on how the assignment should have been done.

Reusing mandatory assignments

On condition that a course stays reasonably unchanged, the students should be allowed to reuse previous submissions (if all submissions are approved in a couse) for up to 5 years; this is decided by the lecturer. It is the student’s responsibility to prove that a previous submission has been accepted. 

Deletion of data 

Compered with law on the processing of personal data the Depatment of Informatics no longer have statutory authority to treat data of mandatory assignments for more than 2 years.  If all submissions are approved it will show in Studentweb. 

Mandatory assignments older than 2 years will be deleted routinely twice a year (February and September). 

We will in April 2019 delete everything older than 2 years in Devilry. 


The student administration may make exceptions from these rules when required. Any deviations from these rules must be clearly stated on the web pages of a course at the beginning of term, as well as in the assignment text.


Published July 3, 2015 1:00 PM - Last modified Sep. 3, 2020 7:56 AM