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Diploma for completed study programmes

When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued automatically.

Basis for the diploma 

As you approach the end of your studies, the faculty will check whether you meet the requirements for issuing of a diploma. Your diploma is based on completion of the courses in your education plan.

In most bachelor's programmes and the master's programme in Law, you will receive an e-mail during the semester in which you are expected to complete your degree. You will receive the e-mail in March/April for spring completion and October/November for autumn completion. The e-mail will stipulate a deadline for amending your education plan.

Most master's programmes and other programmes with a fixed structure do not send a separate e-mail instructing you to check your education plan. You will achieve your degree in the semester in which you complete your master's thesis or the final course of the degree.

For one-year programmes, you will receive a diploma once you have completed the final course of the programme.


Your diploma will be sent to your semester address. Remember to change your address if you move at the end of your studies


Some study programmes award the diploma at a ceremony. You can find information about the ceremony on the programme page.

Diploma supplement

If you achieve a degree, you will also be issued an English-language diploma supplement. It follows a European standard and includes a description of the Norwegian educational system.

Students who received a diploma before UiO began enclosing diploma supplements can order one separately.

Have we forgotten you?

Due to the complexity of a number of programmes, we are not always able to identify people who meet the requirements for a degree. If this applies to you, you can order a diploma.

Deferral of a diploma to improve grades

If you wish to improve results that are part of a degree, you can at most study programmes defer your diploma for up to two semesters. Read more about deferral of a diploma

When urgent

The Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences expedite orders for people who have been given an external deadline for submitting their diploma. See what to do when urgent.


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