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Explanation of grades and appeals

We recommend that you ask for an explanation of your grade before deciding to submit an appeal.

What is an explanation of grades?

An explanation states the general principles on which the assessment was based and explains the assessment of your performance. You should also read the assessment guidelines for the examination.

Deadline for requesting an explanation

  • Written examinations: one week after the grade is published.
  • Oral or practical examinations: immediately after you have received your grade.

The explanation should normally be given within two weeks after you have asked for it. The examiner decides whether the explanation is to be given in writing or verbally.

How to request an explanation

  • For written examinations, you ask for an explanation in Studentweb, on the page "Exam appeals".
  • For oral or practical examinations, you ask for an explanation from the examiner when you receive your grade.

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Studies with separate procedures for explanations

Faculty of Humanities

Master's degree theses

All candidates will receive an explanation of their grade.

Criminology and Sociology of Law at the Faculty of Law

Contact the examiners directly. Find their phone numbers and meeting times on the examiners contact list. The list is updated when the results are ready and published in Studentweb.

The examiners contact list (in Norwegian)

PS: The examiners contact list is in Norwegian. Locate your course code in the expandable list.

Faculty of Medicine

A written digital exam will give automatic feedback to all candidates.

In the case of written examinations (pen and paper), anyone who wishes to request a reason for the grade must be present. Send an email to your MED-studentinfo or to your student counseller at clinical nutrition.

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO)

In some courses at CEMO, explanations are given verbally. You will be notified in an e-mail if this is the case, in which you recieve a link to a webform. Once the deadline for requesting explanations has passed, we will contact you to schedule a meeting. 

Master thesis:
All candidates recieve written explanations.

Appeal against grades

You can submit an appeal against your grades for all written examinations. You cannot submit an appeal against the grades of oral or practical examinations, since the performance is not documented for future purposes.

Complaints about formal exam errors

You can submit a complaint about formal examination errors. Formal errors can occur for instance in the examination question papers, in conducting the examination or during grading.


Contact the faculty's information centre.


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